Our Story

It started with a shared spirit.

A chocolate spirit.

We met a man having a deep love for chocolate. He told us that he has been making one of the best chocolates in the world and handed us a piece of dark chocolate. We hesitated.

“Just let it sit in your mouth” he insisted. As the chocolate slowly softened and eventually melted, we felt fresh yet a comfortable warmth, and started to smile at each other. We were impressed by its unique fresh and fruity taste.

“Proudly made in Vietnam”, he smiled and shared. “My secret ingredient is respect for the fruit, for the farmer and for the forest.”

The story that he shared as “nutritious chocolate” for us. Learn more about him HERE.

From that moment,

ideas started to burst.

What if we make chocolate creations, using the chocolate made in Vietnam to show our respect to the local farmers? And what if our chocolate creations adapt local taste to easily share with more people?

We decided to make chocolate for the locals and choco-pop rice was our first trial. Something that makes our friends and families surprised yet familiar with. We were very happy that our chocolate could connect people, and put smiles on their faces. We captured and named it “sincere chocolate moment”.


And we are now passionate and ambitious to create more

chocolate moments for the people,

with The Cocoa Project.


Chocolate connects people

Chocolate is the gift that goes further. It tastes better when it is shared with family and friends.

What we do,

we do with passion

We are mindful in every single step of chocolate creation. We take trial on every single creation and value all the feedback.

What if we fail, once, twice, thrice?

We will try again until it puts smiles

on the people’s faces.


Quality is as the root

Better chocolate starts at the strong roots of the cacao tree. And we stick to this prerequisite.

We’re discovering happiness along the way

We have a mission – to create new cacao experiences making the locals happy & healthy. And we firmly believe better chocolate makes people happier. But how can we get over local’s prejudice about chocolate – luxury and unfamiliar?

We are here to bring something new. We are discovering ways to create something that the locals will love. Even though it is a long route to go, we enjoy happiness along that way.


We make chocolate for everyone

We prioritize using local ingredients to support the local farmers. And when you are here with us, we simply hope that you will find a moment of happiness.

We make chocolate-for enjoyment and beyond.


Our Manifesto