3-step Chocolate Cake

Are you looking for easy-to-bake chocolate cake?

We have it here for you. Let’s discover and give it a try!

20-Mins-Chocolate Bark

We bring you the recipe that you could customize based on your interests, easy-to-make chocolate bark.

Only 20 minutes to have your chocolate, why don’t we give it a try?

The fermentation series – Chapter 2 : Fermentation, an ancestral practice

The introduction of agriculture and farming technologies enabled humanity to produce surplus food and required ways to preserve food for later consumption. The techniques to preserve food were, among others, salting and fermentation. Suprisingly, fermentation can be traced back from the Neolithic age.


Our Chocolate inspiration – Sourdough

We might eat products made from the fermentation processes such as chocolate, yogurt, or fish sauce.

Have you already eaten sourdough? And why does it become our inspiration source?

What is a “Bean-to-bar” chocolatier or chocolate maker?

We love “bean to bar”. We consider ourselves a bean-to-bar chocolate maker. But what is it exactly, beyond a buzzword you may have heard here and there?


The Fermentation Process of Cacao (Part 1)

We know that to make the best chocolate in the world, there has to be utmost care for fermentation cacao, a step usually neglected by the chocolate industry. But why does fermentation matter? Our fermentation series explains it for you.

Our “chocolate” inspiration – Cup Noodle Museum

When we shared the idea of creating an immersive chocolate experience, someone told us about a “Cup Noodle Museum”. It turns out as our “chocolate” inspiration.

The best-kept secret of cacao plantations

Does cacao juice taste like chocolate? Why is the color so light, and not brownish? 

Let’s discover with us!

Cacao vs Cocoa!

Why would we say “I plant Cacao trees, you are reaping cacao beans, she loves cocoa nibs”…?

…And why are we called “The Cocoa Project”, and not “The Cacao Project”?


Chocolate buns for cool days

The weather is turning cool, a chocolate bun might be an ideal treat for you. We would like to share with you the best in town Chocolate Bun recipe initiated by our Pastry Chef – Linh. Let’s prepare and turn it into reality!

From little things, big things grow!

“Enjoy little things in life… for one day you will look back and realize they were big things” – Robert, B.


Chocolate cookies: Full-filled your space with love and sweetness

We’re pretty sure that chocolate cookies will bring your space full of happiness, and sweetness. You can’t go wrong with this cookies fuss-free recipe.

Book review: I Quit Sugar The Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook

You can try to make yourself some sugar-free chocolate desserts and enjoy something without worrying about your calories.


Our “chocolate” inspiration – Gricha Safarian

Gricha believed that love for chocolate is universal. He thought that if Vietnamese people did not love chocolate yet, it must have been because they were not yet offered the right product, or not the right way. We just had to keep looking for the right way to reach them.