Our “chocolate” inspiration – Cup Noodle Museum

Our “chocolate” inspiration – Cup Noodle Museum

When we shared the idea of creating an immersive chocolate experience, someone told us about a “Cup Noodle Museum”. Of course, it had to be in Japan. For the least intrigued, we decided we would visit this concept and see what learnings could be taken for our project.

The Cocoa Project would not be what it is if it were not for this experience. The Cup Noodle Museum was as extravagant as its name could lead on. It was entertaining and yet fulfilling the essential role of a museum, which is to make you think and enrich your mind. 

As we saw this gigantic square building from a distance, we marveled at their boldness for making a museum so big honoring Cup Noodles. We wondered curiously what we would learn about this ubiquitous staple. Is there even a story worth telling about it? 


The Cup Noodle Museum over delivered on all the expectations we had. It is a beautiful place. We loved the funny balance between the nature of the museum and its elegant minimalistic design.  It tells you the gripping story of an intense man, Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the cup noodle, and invites visitors to perform unexpected hands-on activities such as making your own custom-made cup noodle. 

Momofuku Ando
-The Father of Instant Ramen-

But more importantly, beyond cup noodles, it was a museum with a message. It tells the story of the struggles of the creator to consistently surpass himself and innovate. What the visitor takes away is the perseverance to keep trying after setbacks, and the idea that winning novel concepts comes from everywhere and in every situation. It was very obvious to us that back in 1971 when he invented the cup noodle,  Momofuku Ando was a Design Thinker (more on Design Thinking here), before it became the concept of 2010. 

We brought home the following resolution in our suitcase. Create a place where people will also take something home with them. Beyond showcasing knowledge, create an experience that will make them think and inspire them to act. 

What do you think is this thing that we want people to bring home? We hope that we don’t have to tell you, and that you will find out for yourself here with us. If you go to Japan, don’t miss out on this unique concept. Do visit the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, a metro ride away from Tokyo. More information here

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