The best-kept secret of cacao plantations

The best-kept secret of cacao plantations

Our favorite drink is cacao juice. This taste is unique – sweet, with a very slight touch of acidity. We had never tried anything like it before we started working in chocolate. Now that we know this taste, we crave it. 

People would typically ask us – does it taste like chocolate? Why is the color so light, and not brownish? 

In a previous post, we explained the difference between cocoa and cacao. This post explained also that there are so many steps to craft a chocolate tablet. But at the very beginning, there is a fruit. The cacao fruit. Break open a cacao pod, and you will discover a cob of cacao. A cob of cacao is made of fleshy white pulp, inside which you would find the raw cacao bean. Cacao juice is freshly extracted from this flesh. 

Pure cacao juice has a thicker consistency than most juices and is packed with flavors. You can enjoy it pure and chilled for a fulfilling refreshment, or mix it with a lighter juice, or fresh water, for a lighter option. 

Cacao juice is a natural superfood, making you full of energy. Its antioxidant properties will also maintain your skin looking fresh and healthy. One serving of cacao juice is full of proteins, vitamins E & D, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and polyphenols.

Nothing will taste more like nature than freshly pressed cacao juice.

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